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Movement has played an integral role in both the very expression of human essence and the consequent development of this spirit. Dance throughout history has intrinsically connected the material with the spiritual to help constitute a higher psyche or soul.


A Series

The relationship between dance and art is one which I have been exploring throughout my artistic journey. Not solely through direct depictions of dancers but also how we can use different media to express movement and energy. The connections of line within dance have been of particularly interest and have revealed the both bold and subtle links which all objects, movements and ideas share. Over time this has become a meditative practice for me and  I have discovered the intrinsic association between dance, art and meditation as a journey towards a creativity, happy and peaceful body and soul.

charcoal dancer 9.png
DSCN4377 (2).JPG


The playful interaction of line, colour and shape through a wide range of media.

‘And all those that were seen dancing were thought to be insane

by those who could not hear the music’

- Friedrich Nietzsche


 A exploration of shape and colour.

I always like to keep my work fresh and creative, I use a wide range of media and style in order to stay relevant and innovative. Creating this collection was a fun and exciting pushing my artistic abilities to the limits. If you'd like to see more, be in touch or come to one of my exhibitions.

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